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Air Purifier - 356 Sq. Ft.

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  • Advanced Smart Wi-Fi Control: Monitor and control your home air purifier anywhere from the RENPHO Smart or GENNEC App. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Voice Control to turn on/off your air purifier. The 5-stage filtration system effectively intercepts 99.97% of airborne pollutants like pet, smoke, dust, mold, pollen, and dander. It covers up to 356 sq. ft. (33 m2) 3 times per hour. CADR rated 135 CFM (230m3/h). 
  • Smart Air Purifier: With a built-in auto quality sensor, the air purifier can detect air quality at every moment. It automatically changes colors and adjusts fan speeds based on the air quality it senses.
  • Quiet Operation With Powerful Purification: The noise is as low as 28dB in sleep mode. Create a schedule and timer on the APP to automatically change the mode to conserve energy. The child lock mode keeps your pets and kids safe. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Exactly what you want!

Wow! After getting sick with sinusitis and trying everything to make my sneezing go away, my husband and I took apart our bed and found a bunch of dust bunnies even though we have a thorough cleaning done once a week. We decided to splurge and get this highly recommended air purifier. I could not be any happier. This purifier left me with so much relief! I am actually afraid of what the air filter will reveal is in my house. My dog is also not afraid of it, which is a huge plus for me because he has growled at the previous machines. I like the idea of everything being controllable via phone as well. RENPHO is with the times on this, as I feel like buying technology without Wifi features these days is absolute.

lisa silva
Well it works perfectly

It's a nice machine and thus The job But I'm having trouble connecting it to my phone to Wi-Fi

George Watson
I purchased 3 of them for family members!

I purchased 3 of them for family members!That pretty much says it all!

Michael C
Very happy with it ! Iphone App remote control so convenience...Fast shipped too.

The product is nice looking, light weight, does the job to clean the air and odor in my Kitchen and Living room so good. I can breath the fresh air. The best thing I like is the Smart control ON/OFF/ Air Quality Monitoring? set Scheduling from my IPhone. I can turn it ON from work before I get home or put it in my Bedroom up-stair, turn it ON from down-stair before I go to bed. Replacement Filter is not pricy, affordable compare to other brand.

Surpassed my expectations

Oh my gosh this is everything I hoped it would be and more. I have two dogs that shed a ton (Big German Shepherd & small Beagle). In the few days I have had this I can tell right away there is way less hair floating around and a ton less dust and other gross stuff on my bookshelves and tv stand. I am super impressed. So easy to use.

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