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Essential Oil Diffuser - 100ml - Yellow

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    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DEVICE: This diffuser preserves the purity of essential oils, allowing you to enjoy pleasant aromatherapy that is directly extracted from nature. It adds humidity into the air, making it the perfect choice for dry regions or constant users of air conditioning.
    • SPECIFICATIONS: 100ml. Material: PP Hard plastic. Working time: Up to 6 hours, Adjustable two mist settings: Continuously and intermittently.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Great price, we love it. This is our 2nd for downstairs

    We love it. I got this for my wife for Christmas because she borrowed one from our daughter for a couple nights and had to have one. I looked several places and found that this was by far the best price, it is easy to operate and runs seven or eight hours on intermittent mode. Multicolored light function is cool and we enjoy the essential oil aroma. You can't go wrong with this infuser.

    J. C. Beadles
    Great as a humidifier

    This clever little device can be used as a humdifier/essential oil diffuser or solely as a humdifier. I use the Urpower solely as a humdifier in my small home office and it does a great job adding humidity to dry winter air. You add water (distilled is best to avoid mineral deposits) to the reservoir, turn it on and a fine, cool mist starts coming out. You can choose either continuous mist or intermittent. The humidifer doesn't use a wick like larger humidifiers, so there's nothing extra to buy. When the reservoir is nearly empty, it turns itself off. You can also select the case to display colored lights. Highly recommended.

    So far so good~ Weeks later, even better

    I have only had this a few days but so far it does exactly what it says. Thought I would have a hard time convincing my husband to use this at night but he gets sinus headaches and was willing to try anything. It could be just a fluke BUT he hasn't had a headache in the 4 days we have used this. I will update..........CUZ IF this really is the reason for his sinus headaches abating I will be sure to give URPOWER the credit, (I use lavender essential oil in it)UPDATE: 6/19/16.........Can't believe this little miracle has alleviated the dreaded sinus headaches. I am THE biggest skeptic there is. I always think everything is a gimmick so I am surprised at myself that I even tried this....BUT thrilled that I did. Not only are the headaches gone and my house smells wonderful (lavender) I LOVE the lighting. I will be buying more for every room in the house. I would also like to add that I am impressed with this company. I wrote them with a question and they were quick to get back to me, with wonderful customer service.

    Frankie and Chet
    works great after ten months (so far)!

    UPDATE #3ok this is getting ridiculous. I purchased this in 2017, it's now 2020 and this thing is still working just fine. I have updated my rating to five big fat stars for this thing.UPDATE #2It has been over two years now and our little diffuser has become one of the family. It's still going strong and has really been the only reason I purchase essential oils at this point. I'm updating this review because I was just searching the for another diffuser (it's time to add to the family) and I just keep coming back to this trusty old thing. My husband wants one in his office as well so we'll probably just stick to this one as I know it works well and the price is the most economical.**UPDATE**we are going on almost ten months and this little guy has been awesome. I will definitely purchase some more as it has held up quite well. The boys love the changing lights and feel that it is a privilege to have it on in their room (mom win, right?!) Surprisingly, with just 2-3 drops of an essential oil, it adds the perfect amount of non-overwhelming scent in all three bedrooms upstairs at once. I am very pleased with this purchase!**********I don't know if this is helping. Maybe it's the oils, but we haven't really felt a difference. The machine seems to work great, but it does last longer than it supposed to.. like, it'll go all night on the continuous mist. And if i have it on the 30 second on/off thing, it'll go for about 10 hours. It is pretty rad to put in the bathroom after my toddler has one of his amazing bowel movements. He makes some horrible sounds/smells and this has been the best thing to combat the stench.


    I bought 2 of these. They are great! I got it to add some nice, light essential oil scents into my home. The instructions say it'll run up to 6 hours, but on the intermittent setting I usually use (on 30 seconds/off 30 seconds), it'll run easily 10 hours. I usually don't keep the light running all night, but when the light is used with the diffuser, it will automatically turn off when the water runs out. When using just the light alone, it will run until you turn it off. Would highly recommend this.

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