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GPS Tracker - OBDII Charging Cable

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  • Rechargeable battery lasts from 10-60 days depending on the configuration. Accessories available, OBDII charging cable, hardwire cables, mini USB to make sure your tracker is always charged.
  • Set-up geo-fence zones in the app and get real-time alerts when the tracker leaves that area. SOS button, low battery, speeding, and moving alerts about the tracker's movements via app notification, SMS, or email. Location history allows you to check the device's location history for up to 5-years.
  • Monthly Fee: Just like a cellphone a tracker needs a data connection using Verizon's cellular network. A monthly fee is required: starting at $16.50/mo annual plan or $19.95/mo monthly for unlimited tracking nationwide, no hidden fees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Teenager babysitter!

I have a teenager that has recently gotten his driver's license. I wanted to be able to locate him whenever I need to, even when he has his phone off, or disconnects find my phone. I love that I can do that with the Cube, and especially love the feature that sends me an alert when the Cube moves outside of the zone you set. This little device is the perfect little babysitter that can help you know where your kid is. Every parent needs this sort of piece of mind.

The best

This was easy to set up & easy to use. If you want real live tracking you have to pay for the subscription but its definitely worth it for a peace of mind.

Debra Price
Great product!

I bought this product for my son's puppy. She is still learning her boundaries and we live in the country. Shipping was fast & easy! Product was exactly as described! Still have to connect it to the service, but the puppy isn't left alone outside yet...

Anthony Smith
Great device!

After trying MANY gps devices this is the one that's the most reliable. We have a child that likes to take off wherever. It's fun trying to find them. This is a freaking life saver. The monthly subscription or requires is inexpensive. Highly suggested!

Tell It Like It Is
It's amazing how quickly this technology has developed

If you need to, or want to track your pet, an adult with memory issues, a child, your luggage, a piece of equipment, a power sports toy, a significant other you suspect of infidelity, or anything else, this is a great way to do it. This small tracker is constructed so as to be attachable many different ways. The only "drawback" of this system is that you must subscribe to a monthly service to use the tracker.

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