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Digital Picture Frame - 7" - Black

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    • 7" HD IPS Screen With 178-Degree Wide Viewing Angle: The IPS screen allows you to get a better viewing experience on the front and side. 1280x800 high resolution realistically displays the color and detail of the photo and 1080P video. 
    • Image Preview & Auto Rotation: This digital photo frame has a unique image preview function, which is very easy to find the picture you want in hundreds of pictures. The digital picture frame adapts automatically to portrait or landscape orientation. With the help of the remote control, you can easily delete any files you do not want.
    • Multiple Slideshow Modes: This digital picture frame can play your photos via sequence or random with the 9-slideshow switch effects. You can also set the time of slideshow change.
    • Plug and Play: Please turn on the power, then plug in an SD card or USB drive (up to 128GB, FAT32 format, SD card, and USB Drive not included ), the frame will automatically play your photos. You can choose the size of the photo in the settings to avoid distortion of the photo.
    • Features: Alarm clock, time, calendar, auto power on/off, picture zoom and 360-degree rotation, etc.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Amazing Crisp Clear picture quality. Amazing Price!

    With 4 kids , my walls have become completely covered with framed photos, I decided to invest in one of these - to have the ability to display them all at once..After tons of research and price comparison this one seem to be the best value with the most features..I'm overall highly impressed with it. The quality is superb with a , modern high end look to it.The image resolution and color rendition is EXCEPTIONAL!! Vibrant and crisp!. Set-up was very simple. , very user friendly!!It arrived neatly packed in a presentable box. My family really enjoys its features of auto rotating images, sound (which was impressively crisp and clear). It makes a great addition to the living room and has been great to share vacation photos and video with guests. Gotta say that I really do like this frame! And have gotten many compliments!!I will surely be gifting this to my parents this coming Christmas. Very happy customer!!Worth every penny!

    Extremely happy with my choice

    This little digital frame lives up to reviews from photographers that comment on the quality of the image. I take a lot of photos and particularly of grandchildren, but decided I didn't want to or have the space for hanging many. Like a digital frame might be my answer and I just wanted a small one to set on my credenza top. This is perfect. It was pretty easy to set up, some things I still haven't figured out how to do the first time but eventually I get there. I love dad has a choice to put the photos in in their original format so it doesn't matter if they were landscape or portrait they show up correctly on the frame. Very pleased with the purchase.

    Brittany S.
    Great gift for Granny

    I've been looking for ways for my grandmother to feel more connected to us since we moved more than 8 hours away. She doesn't have Facebook and doesn't even have an email. I thought this would be cool to send her along with some flash drives full of pictures. It's easy enough to set up; even she will be able to figure it out. Great quality and I love that it can also play music! I'll be getting one for our house as well.

    Great Picture and Colors

    The frame works as you would expect, it accepts a wide variety of input devices and is able to read the media on them, then displaying in on the screen. You really don't have to mess with menus or anything much if you don't want to, if you have a Flash Drive or SD card with photos on it you can just plug it in, and the photos start in a slide show automatically. Unfortunately due to the placement of the USB port you can absolutely see the Flash Drive when it's plugged in, whereas on other models it's on the back so that it's a bit more hidden. Not a huge deal, but I would recommend using an SD card as opposed to a Flash Drive.The picture quality is very good, definitely better than I was expecting. It has good color accuracy and brightness, but you can definitely tell it's a screen and not just a picture in a frame.I was also surprised by how well videos worked; there is a speaker in the back and there weren't any problems with the frame rate or anything like that. It's really nice to have this feature, you could easily play a TV show on it during your lunch break or something similar.Nice digital frame overall, it works well and has more features than your average one.

    Customer service is excellent

    Great gift for friendsThis is a fantastic Item. We were delighted with this product at first. Agree with all positive reviews. I bought one of these frames to try out - to see if it was suitable as a gift for friends who live overseas...First of all, I want to say that the packaging is pretty. Secondly, I must say the setup process for the screen was surprisingly straightforward. Thirdly, I think there are really many ways to import images into this digital photo frame. It can be installed with SD, MMC, MS, U disk, etc., up to 32GB, plug, and play. Long-distance browsing allows you to select menus with an infrared remote control without having to operate the buttons on the back of the camera. Background music and picture sideshows work better. In summary, I really can not fault this item at all, it is well packaged, well designed, comes with easy to use instructions and is generally a fantastic item for sharing your photos with loved ones, without feeling the need to delete and update the memory card all the time! Well worth the money. I would strongly recommend this photo frame and I shall now buy another couple for my friends.

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