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Video Baby Monitor - Remote Monitoring

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  • Remote Monitoring: Without a specific display, this baby monitor with a camera can be used as a baby monitor to view your baby's activity and safety. No matter where you are, you can watch your baby via your phone app MIPC, pads, and PC after the baby camera is connected to Wi-Fi successfully.
  • Record Pleasure Moments: This monitor supports video recording and playback via TF card storage (up to 128G), as well as Cloud Service for Alert videos. This baby monitor wifi smartphone also supports one or multiple devices accessing at the same time via the password identity feature.
  • Keep In Touch With Family: You can keep in touch with your baby anytime with the two-way audio function allowing your voice to be delivered between the smartphone app and the wi-fi baby monitor side. This baby monitor wifi smartphone also has an Intelligent Sound Motion Detection feature, you can receive message alerts on your phone app.
  • Easy To Setup and Operate: Quick setup this baby camera monitor with phone access via 2.4G Wi-Fi (not 5G), connected with your smartphone, tablet, and PC in minutes by using the Mipc. With Pan 350/Tilt 100 and Night Vision, you can view any angle of your home at any time and anywhere through the mipc camera.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love to watch my baby when she is with sitters on this camera. Very clear!

I have three cameras in my house, and the “Nest” doorbell camera outside my house (so 4 cameras?). All from various brands. I have the Owlet camera, a Costco smart cam camera, Nest doorbell, and now this one. I bought it at first because it seemed well priced (almost too good to be true kind of price). So I crossed my fingers and pressed “add to cart.” It arrived, and installment was easy. It uses an app called MIPC, which was simple enough to figure out. Out of all my cameras, none of them can turn directions with a swipe of my finger on my phone. I paid like $300+ for my owlet camera and $150 for my Smart Cam camera. I love this camera. It does stuff my expensive cameras should be doing for me at a fraction of the cost. The clarity really shocked me. Because of how inexpensive this is! It does really well. The only con I can think of, is that I don’t like how it says “LeFun” on it. I know it’s the sellers name, but I would have preferred a cleaner look. It’s my favorite camera to keep an eye on sitters for my baby.

Great security camera at great value

The camera works great! Quick and easy to set-up and connect to the internet, which can be done through wireless or ethernet cable (they provide an ethernet cable). The camera has a night-vision function to be able to see in the dark and it works surprisingly well! The video definition is really crisp and you can adjust brightness and other things.The camera also comes with a wall mount so you can install it easily to the wall so it can be out of reach of pets or little kids.The app you download to use the camera from your phone is easy to use and can be used to 'talk' through the camera, which is great and useful for quick communication.Overall, this is a great buy and definitely worth it for such a good price

Mike Rickman
Great affordable wireless camera

I've had this camera for about a month now and I have to say I'm really impressed! The set up was incredibly easy using the app and it was up and running in under 10 minutes. In the future, we are going to use to check on our cats when going on trips for a few days but for now I've been testing it in various locations around my house to see how it performs.The picture is very clear (720p) and the motion detection works perfectly, even in the dark. I get a notification from the app every time someone/thing enters the field of view. At first I was receiving too many notifications but I turned the sensitivity down and now it is tuned correctly. I also inserted a microSD card and it takes snapshots and brief videos of all the times the motion sensor goes off. One last thing I think is cool is the ability to control the cameras direction just by swiping on the current live display in the app.There are still features I haven't tried out yet (IP camera for one) but I can say that this camera is well worth the cost.

Works well, easy installation and able to control from anywhere in the world

I used it for the purpose of monitoring my baby and now I am thinking of using it for surveillance purpose because of its less price and easy installation. Before this, I thought it could difficult to set a wireless security camera on our without expert help. This easy set up crushed that mindset. Since this one is supporting night vision as well, it will be easy to monitor the baby also, if we are in a different timezone. we can capture the great moments also with the help of card storage. So it solves my expectations ofLess price  Easy to install   capture great moments Can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere   Send a voice-over to alert,   Night vision -Can monitor the family surroundings at the nighttime also if we are in a different timezone. Motion detection - we can get alert in anything found at night Overall it's satisfied my needs at the most. I highly recommend this. I have added the video covered by the camera while you are swiping the camera through the app.

Mischa Rose
Move Anywhere, Watch Anywhere

We got this to monitor our dogs while we're out. We have 3 - a 5 mos puppy, a 1-year-old Cattle Dog, and a 2.5-year-old Alaskan Malamute. They're rambunctious when we're around, so we could only imagine before what it was like when we weren't around. Now we don't have that problem.Not only can we see them, but we can hear them, too. Even better, they can hear us. Now our goal is to get them to respond to our voices through the camera as if we were there!It's controlled completely by our phones, and after the initial setup with an ethernet cable, we've been able to move it around the house depending on where we lock the dogs away before we leave. There have been no connection problems, sound problems, or video problems! I'm definitely going to be picking up some more of these cameras to have in the house so we can leave the dogs out to roam the house.

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