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Video Baby Monitor - 32 Feet Night Vision - White

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    • 350/100 PAN TILT & NIGHT VISION FUNCTION: The Wi-Fi camera provides 8X digital zoom, 1080P HD clear picture quality with 350 horizontal and 100 vertical rotation range. Night Vision is up to 32ft and can be seen clearly in darkness. 
    • TWO-WAY TALKING & SOUND/MOTION DETECTION: With this two-way audio and sound/motion detector, you can talk with family through the APP conveniently. You can keep track of your baby/pet remotely, receiving real-time sound/motion alerts through the wireless camera.
    • EASY TO USE & MIPC CONTROL: The camera's wireless works with Alexa, you can easily set up with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (Not support 5Ghz Wi-Fi) network by using a mobile phone. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    poppa bear
    Great Pet Cam

    Never though I would be someone who would buy a pet cam…until we adopted a Rescue Beagle who ended up being diagnosed as having severe separation/abandonment anxiety. Having a pet cam allowed us to leave him alone for short periods of time and try to get back when he started to freak out. A much better solution than crating him.This camera is great. It was easy to set up. The quick setup guide is short. Read it through before starting, so you understand the steps, then download the software and follow the prompts. Don’t try to wing it or second guess or over think it. If you do as I said, you will be surprised at how easily it sets up on your home network.Picture quality is amazing. There was a little lag when I tried to aim the pan and tilt manually if I was in full screen mode. It worked fine in portrait mode, so I’m guessing the lag was due to the rather low power processor in my phone. So I’m not going to take any stars off for that, since the fault could be at my end. And while the picture quality in full screen mode is really impressive, the smaller picture in portrait mode is very adequate.You may not even need to manually adjust tilt and pan as the automatic motion tracking is very good.The two-way intercom works well also. It was loud and clear enough to talk to the dog and get him to calm down a bit when he started to freak out.So far haven’t found any negatives to speak of. It wasn’t too long ago that cameras with all these features were I the $100 range. For everything you’re getting with this camera it’s a great value at this price.I would highly recommend it anyone who needs a pet/baby/indoor security camera.

    Tia Alloway
    Affordable camera, clear view.

    We have two of these camera’s in our home. One to monitor our toddler and the other to monitor my grandmother whom we care for. I don’t remember the exact steps for initial setup as it was over a year ago. I do remember that it was simple. I am not tech savvy and was able to do it myself. Adding the additional camera was super easy too. I just had to click the “+” on the home screen of the app and it walked you through the steps. Basically scan the QR code on the bottom of camera and connect to WiFi. Sooo simple. I love that I can now access both cameras from the app. I can use my finger to move the camera and view the parameters of the room, I can talk through the camera, and take pictures and record video. All around great purchase. I will purchase more if there becomes a need.

    Levi Mason
    Works as a baby monitor

    I needed a monitor that would send me notifications if my 16 month old child woke up from a nap while I was working in the yard.It works! In the "notifications" section on the smart phone app I can have it send me an alert any time the child wakes up and makes noises. It will also motion detect. The camera can also be set to track the motion -- detecting and following the motion within it's movement range. Because of these detection options, I would consider using this camera for security purposes. I have thought of buying another one for monitoring my driveway at night for security purpose.It took about 30 min to set up, after carefully following the setup instructions. In the instructions there is a reference to ethernet network connection (which I ignored as I don't see an obvious way for that to happen out of the box... I suspect it may be possible to get a micro usb cord that converts/adapts to an ethernet wire for direct router connection, but there are no clear instructions for how to do this). Since the wifi connection works okay I am fine with that.Overall, this is a great value for what I paid for this camera. I am able to access the camera feed from the web via my online account (essentially making it a private web cam), but the "live" function only seems to give me still images when I "reload" the camera page. This might change if I paid for the cloud video storage subscription, but I don't need that at this time since I can connect through my LAN wifi. Since I mainly connect with the video feed via the app on my phone and my local wifi network, the only issue is if I go too far from the main house, the connection is only as good as my wifi router range -- if I get out of range of my wifi router (for example inside another building on the edge of the property), then the signal will drop from my smart phone. It will however reconnect again when I get back into the wifi range. I currently have my wifi router set to a lower signal strength, so I plan to set the router to a higher signal power for better range outside and I expect a longer range. I imagine I could connect to the video feed on the smart phone using the basic web site interface, but that would use digital data on my smart phone and I expect it would be laggy and slow. So I am sticking with the standard wifi phone app connection.One thing I really like is this product has live video with the local wifi connection using the phone app, so I can always check the app on my phone just to take a peek at the baby's room and visually check to see if he is asleep. There is at time stamp on the video feed so I can tell if the feed is current. This works well for what I need it to do. So far, so good!

    Crisp clean video and sound

    Set up was super easy and took less than 5 minutes! Sound is clear and the picture is crisp! So excited to use this!

    I recommend buying this!!

    Loving this baby monitor! Its my 2nd baby monitor. Same brand but different model. You can use the same app for this two baby monitor. And it is not just a baby monitor but a security camera too. I can check my newborn son from time to time even im on my work. Night mode is awesome too!

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