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LED Nursery Night - Elephant

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  • Our light lamp is equipped with remote control to make it easy and effective. The remote is effective in setting a go-off timer automatically in 15-minutes, 30-minutes, or 1 hour after the baby is asleep, choosing the perfect light mode and brightness levels. If you cannot access your remote you can tap the lamp to change its color.
  • For better use, our lamp's USB charging port is easily accessible while the lamp is upright allowing you to charge while in use. The lamp will switch itself off when you set up a timer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Love it.

This light is amazing! Keeps a charge for a good ling time. Its pretty bright. And my little one loves the colors. The tap to change modes is a little sensitive. But not an issue. The remote is a nice touch but we dont really use it. And the timer. Idk if you have to set it via the remote but its never turned it self off. Maybe a pro for you or a con. But its not an issue for us. Only real con is charging takes a bit long.

Great for putting children to bed

I got this for my three year old son, who keeps breaking the lights I give him to use in his bed. This light has a soft animal shell, so it seems a lot harder to damage for children. It's great for our zero year old too, since he can squish it, bite it, and hit it, and the soft shell can handle it. He loves hitting it in fact because that causes it to change colors. It's probably one of his toys that makes him smile the most, and it helps both our sons fall asleep without us in the room.One thing I noticed is that the remotes for different lights of this brand seem to work on all the lights at once, so if you have one light on and one off, and you try to turn one off, the other will turn on, and when you turn that one off, the first will turn back on, etc., etc. This is not a big deal as long as they are not near each other, but I could see it causing some annoyance in some circumstances. On the other hand, maybe it's good to be able to use one remote as a backup for the other.The other thing is that these are not super bright, but for a night light, it's probably just the right brightness. Don't expect this to be used as a desk lamp or room light or something though!

Melissa H.
I love it!!!

Adorable! My baby likes looking at the changing colors when it’s set to multiple gradually changing colors. I like the color setting options. It can be set to different colors and stay on one color. The brightness can be adjusted. My baby also likes to suck on it now that he’s a bit older. My four year old nephew was also fascinated by it. His mom then got him one too. We use it as a night light almost every night. The battery once charged up can last an entire day on.

Anita S
Super cute, works great for us!

Such a cute light to use for our nightly feedings with our newborn baby. We use the red light at nights when its time to sleep, and when we want her awake we use the yellow or white light. She loves looking at the unicorn. Its super cute, soft and fun. Love the fact that it comes with a remote control and is touch sensitive. I still need to fogure out how the touch works, its a little confusing but I dont mind it, it's just an extra feature! Also I love that it does not have to be plugged in and it is rechargeable so I can change its place when I move my abbym

Loved it! A great gift for kids!

It is adorable and super cute. My niece loved it at first sight and started playing with it right the way. The light works great, it is bright and is dimmable. There is a 15mins, 30mins and 60mins setting that allows you to set it to be turned off automatically after kids fall asleep. Plus it charges very quickly. It is made of silicone so it is soft and won't break easily.

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