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Digital Picture Frame - 10.1" Brown

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    • Uninterrupted Wi-Fi Sharing: This Wi-Fi digital picture frame can receive pictures and videos via W-iFi anytime and anywhere. The 10.1" digital photo frame is equipped with an IPS touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800, and images and videos can be automatically rotated. You can use the frame to automatically play photos and videos as a slideshow to avoid visual fatigue.
    • Free & Easy Sharing: The free smartphone application (Frameo) can be used on Android and iOS to share photos and videos directly. You, your family, and friends only need to download the free "Frameo" app to their smartphones to share.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Absolutely loved it

    I thought it was going to be harder but this great picture frame only took a few minutes to set up and use. Definitely worth buying it. I wish it came in other colors. But I like it.

    I just love this thing!

    The digital picture frame is really easy to use. I like that you can hang it on the wall, or it can sit on a desk or table. It can work in either horizontal /landscape position or in vertical/portrait position. The really fun part of it is that you can give a code to friends or family that will allow them to send photos or video to your frame! All you need to do is load the free app called frameo and it lets you easily choose pics or video from your phone to send to the frame. It seems to have the capacity to hold lots of pictures, as many as you could want.I found it really easy to set up, when you turn it on it will begin to show you how to begin the set up right on the screen. The frame itself is quite attractive and the picture quality is good. It has a sleep mode that allows you to decide when it should shut down for the day then come back on when you want it, so you don't need to have it on all night while you're asleep or out of your office in the evening.Now that I have one I see it's great gift potential. It would be a great way for family members to keep in touch by sending each other their latest pictures.

    Kevin kim
    Excellent gift and nice looking frame

    This frame is so great I don’t know why I didn’t buy it until now. It has few ways of displaying photos on the frame1. Send photos from ANYWHERE using the app. I could add my parents who live in NY and I live in CA and they can instantaneously add photos to the frame’s album with my permission2. Transfer photos using micro sd card. This could be a good solution if you feel uncomfortable connecting a picture frame to the internet.The picture quality is very good. I transferred some photos taken with my mirrorless camera and I could barely notice any compression artifacts.The base operating system for this frame is a modified version of Android and it runs very smoothly and reliably. The touch also feels really nice similar to how touch feels on modern phones.The frame looks very nice as a decoration in the house and very good to play a slide show all day. It is great that they have a sleep time so it doesn’t bother you with light even if it’s in your living room. I think it’s a great gift idea for our parents.

    XYZ A.
    Excellent picture frame with lots of features!

    This frame simply just works exactly as you want it. It comes with a charger, a safe cleaning cloth, a support that allows you to set the frame Vertical, horizontal in addition to holes in the back to hang it on the wall and a user manual. The set up process is very simple: plug it in, connect it to your WiFi network and it is running! Next is to download the app “Frameo” from Appstore or Googleplay.Then you can give yourself a code generated by Frameo and you are ready… You may choose your photos and/or videos through Frameo app browser and select the one(s) you want. Or, use your mobile device’s native photo browser and SHARE the selected photos and/or videos with Frameo App. Your mobile device automatically activates the Frameo App. Next you choose the Frameo that you want to send photos to; you might have more than one Frameo. And click send. -You can write a caption for each photo or none at all and adjust the center of attention for the each photo. This works when you have the default view for the photo. Frameo allows you to select Fit to Frame for each photo and rotate each photo 90˚, 180˚, 270˚ or 360˚ on Frameo.- You can adjust the slideshow to display the photos with 10 seconds to 30 minutes.- There is brightness control, show/hide for each photo as well as a universal show/hide captions feature.- There are lots of other features that allows you to customize you viewing experience.Now, one of the best features is that you can generate and give codes to your friends, and relatives and they can download the app on their device and upload photos to your frame. No more of grandparents and parents having to send the photos and videos to your app so you can upload them. This only works as long as they are in range of your WiFi. I recommend this to anyone who likes to have photos on their desk, side tables, walls and bookcases and does not have the space or want to spend a lot of money on frames.

    Very easy to set up and use

    I liked the frame. We got it as a gift for my father in law so he could see our daughter's pictures daily. The resolution is not the greatest honestly but it is decent. We like the frame and how it gives the feeling of an actual picture frame. The only thing I was confused about was the brand. It's not CEDITA and it says MARVUE on the box but the last picture of the listing is identical to what is on the box so at the end I didn't care much. It could be cheaper considering the resolution, but I'm not returning it since it does the job. It's straight forward to work with and the pictures got transferred to it in seconds from the app.

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