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Video Baby Monitor - 360 Motion Tracking

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  • 360 MOTION TRACKING: Automatically senses and tracks the action in your home in full 360. With a 101 field-of-view, and it rotates 355 horizontally and 94 vertically. Pan and tilt easily with the Nooie App.
  • 1080P HD + SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION: 1080P HD camera lens and two 940nm infrared LEDs. Night vision up to 32ft (10m) in pitch-black. Optional status light.
  • STYLISH, INTUITIVE, EASY SET UP: The camera and App are easy to install, simple to control, and a breeze to maintain. Compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Download the app from App Store or Google Play. Works with Alexa.
  • MOTION + SOUND DETECTION, TWO-WAY AUDIO: Live streaming 24/7 with real-time motion and sound alerts. Listen and talk to family or pets with a built-in anti-noise mic and speaker.
  • SECURE DATA & DATA STORAGE: Continuous or motion-detected recording options. Multiple security protocols to keep your data and privacy secure. Continuous or motion-detected recording options. Micro SD card (buy separately) or cloud subscription service (sign up via Nooie App).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
The ONLY BABY MONITOR you NEED, Especially for the price! ❤️

Ok let me just start out by saying OH MY GOODNESS is this camera amazing!! 360 degrees to keep a watchful eye on my babes! Also, remote access so that my sweet parents can also watch her when they can’t be around her (hence this quarantine)!The price!!!!! Well worth it and reasonable! The last monitor I had was over $100 and it died just short of its warranty and could not be sent back. Very very VERY pleased with this product.This product also is easy to mount! No weird angle that you need to attach to the wall then screw in the cams!! NOPE attach then click in the cam! Wonderful!

Love this camera

PROS:Great priceQuality pictureEasy set upSelf-monitoringTwo-way audioLots of features in the appCONS:Limited to one range of time per day for monitoring.The manual does not specify which type of microSD cards is compatible.Your phone/monitoring device must be on same internet connection to set upI love this camera. It was easy to set up and use. I already have a Nooie 720P so adding this camera to the app was easy. If this is your first Nooie, you will need to download the app and create an account before using the camera. Once installed, you use the camera to scan a qr code that will appear on your app. If you already have a Nooie, you can add this camera to the app by pressing the + sign for adding cameras in the app.The quality of the picture is good and the "follow" technology worked perfectly. When I first connected it, there was about a 15 second lag between the camera and viewing on my app. I suspect that was an internet-related issue because that disappeared quickly.I forgot to order a microSD card with the camera. If you want to be totally self-monitored, you will need a compatible microSD, The manual does not specify which type of microSD cards is compatible. The first one I ordered for my 720P did not work but the SanDisk card I ordered after reading comments here on , worked great. Other than this, the manual is simple and succinct, easy to follow.If you are watching live and want to take a still picture or video of what the camera is seeing real-time, there is an option in the app to do so. There is also a monthly monitoring service available for purchase at a reasonable cost through a company Nooie partners with.The camera arrives well packaged with recyclable cardboard material. Once removing the camera, there is a lower compartment that has the power connector and cable as well as hardware to mount on a ceiling or wall. The camera stands on its own when using on a table or shelf.Your phone/monitoring device must be on same internet connection to set up. Once set up, you can monitor from anywhere you have Internet. That is not an issue for most, but I could not set it up in my office. Our WiFi system treats each login as a unique private network for security reasons. There is no way to plug into the camera for direct setup (an option many printers have, for example) so I am unable to use it in my office.For most, this is a VERY affordable, quality product that will meet your needs. I find myself favoring this camera over my SimpliSafe.

Sandra Huizar
Great product

Awesome camera and quality. I've bought 2 already and one of the non moving ones as well. Awesome infrared and great customer service! I will continue to use these even after my baby is grown!

T. D. Green
Cat cam!

On a whim, I decided to purchase an indoor camera to see what my cats got up to when I was sleeping or away. I learned they're actually pretty boring. haha! The camera was super easy to set up. Download the app, scan the code and voila! I installed a 128 micro SD card, but I also opted for the 3 day cloud service as a sort of backup. Plus, I like that the cloud catches incidents and I can move to each one. The videos are good quality and it's fun to capture videos and photos from the footage to share.In fact, I was so happy with the Cat Cam 1, I purchased a second one: Cat Cam 2 for another area of the house.I do have one teensy complaint or wish about the cameras. I wish that when you scroll through the saved videos, you could see what you're scrolling through, like when you grab the bar on YT to move it, the pictures you're moving through show. If that makes sense. On the Nooie 360, if you grab the bar to move it, it just skips to that place. Having the incidents notices on the cloud sort of works around that, but still. I also wish there was a way to see the live feed and/or have access to the cloud saves on the computer. I've tried different things, but can only see them on the app. If I want to view on the computer, I have to record the bit of footage I want to my phone, then send it through dropbox or email.Overall, great cameras. My family and I are having fun with them. We like to talk through the phone app to troll each other. You can also pan the camera all the way around from the live view in the app to check the room. Just a great little camera set up to have fun with and also have an added bit of security.Photo1 - Hitting the picture/still capture off the video in app.Photo2 - Night vision works really well!Photo3 - This is a screen cap of the whole app as you would see it in use viewing the cloud captured footage.

Great camera at a great price-point and simple to setup!

I have the Nooie 1080P indoor camera and I've been quite happy with it so I had to give this 360-degree model a try. It takes the features of the static camera and adds the ability to pan and tilt the camera either manually or you can enable motion tracking easily through the app. I wrote a review for the static camera and many of the features carry over including its great video quality so if you've read that review, some of this will seem familiar.Setup -Setup was very simple using your phone or tablet, running the free Nooie Cam app. You first need to verify that your phone is connected to the 2.4Ghz access point in your home where you will be using the camera. You then simply start the Nooie Cam app and select the +Camera button. You select the Nooie Cam 360 option and it will walk you through the remaining, simple steps. Basically, you assure the camera is on, enter the password for the wireless access point/router your phone is currently connected to (this is the same one you will be connecting the camera to), click Next, and a QR code appears on the screen of your phone. You now hold the screen of your phone in front of the Nooie camera's lens and it provides an audible tone and LED light indicator when it is finished reading the QR code. The app will now inform you that it is pairing and will begin a countdown. When complete, the app will inform you that pairing has completed. It's that simple.Use -Now that the camera has been added, you simply select it to view the camera. To hear audio from the camera, you select the speaker icon within the app and now you are able to see and hear what's going on around the camera. The camera also has a built-in speaker that allows you to press the microphone button within the app and then speak through it. This is very useful and/or just fun depending on where you locate the camera. For example, I have the camera in my living room where my cat typically spends a good part of her day. If you have cats, I'm guessing yours is similar where she doesn't have one place that she always lays within a room. She instead has multiple locations that she'll randomly select. With this 360 degree camera, either from home, from work, a restaurant, wherever I have WiFi or cellular access I can pan the camera from left to right and up or down. It's range is great where you can literally place the camera in the center of the room and, from the app, turn it from it's left side behind it all the way around front, through to the right side behind it just by swiping across the screen with the camera's image live the whole time. You can pan it around to see the entire room. Beyond this, you have the ability to tilt the camera up and down from the app as well by swiping up and down on the camera's image live. I can scan the room for my cat, locate her, and then touch the microphone to talk to her. Being a cat, she chooses whether she wants to respond or not. Sometimes her ears just perk up and she whines (which you can hear through the camera's built-in microphone), but other times she'll choose to walk over to the camera and give it some love. :)If you choose to use the Motion Tracking feature, if your cat, or anything really, moves in front of the camera's lens, the camera will follow it. As the moving option moves close to the edge of the camera's current visibility, the camera will move to center the moving object within it's vew and continue doing this until the moving object either stops moving or moves behind something where the camera can no longer see it. One thing to note with automatic Motion Tracking is the camera can pan 360 degrees. If something moves and the camera ends up pointing in a different direction than the next moving object. The next moving option must move in front of the lens at some point for the camera to see it and start tracking it. Depending on where you mount the camera and your use, this may be fine or it may not. So, definitely think about this before placing the camera if you plan to enable Motion Tracking.Video and audio can be recorded to either a microSD card or to the cloud. Cloud storage is a paid service. Given my usage, microSD recording is fine for me so I haven't tried the cloud storage option. MicroSD recordings are easily accessed through the app via a scrollable tape across the bottom of the screen. You select the day and then scroll through to the time you would like to view. If at any time you are viewing live video or recorded video from the app and you would like to save the video to your device, you simply press the camera icon on screen to set the start point, continue watching the video as it plays, and press the icon again when you'd like to stop and the video will be saved to your device. It's VERY easy!Like other security cameras, you can also setup notifications based on sound and/or motion. This too is easy to configure by selecting None, Low, Medium, or High for each option and then selecting the timeframe that you would lik...

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