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Essential Oil Diffuser - 400ml - Light Brown

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    • 400ML Aromatherapy Diffuser - This diffuser provides 3-mist modes (30-80ml/hours) and can last on 6-12 hours. The adopted ultrasonic technology is extremely quiet when working. It automatically shuts off when the water runs out.  
    • Smart App & Voice Control - This diffuser only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and it can be controlled via Smart Life App. 
    • Timer & Schedule Function - You can set a 1/3/6 hours timer through the app. The Smart Life App also provides extra schedule functions, like turn on the diffuser at 2:00am and turn off at 6:00am without disturbing your sleep.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Good diffuser!

    Everything about this diffuser is great, except how it connects to your phone. While I love that aspect, and think it’s great that you can control it from the app, it, for whatever reason, is incredibly spastic every time I try to do so. I open up the app and click on the diffuser and it flashes back and forth from the spray control to the light control, over and over, no matter what I do. Other than that, it’s awesome!

    Jeremy K
    Recommended Buy

    Love it, great product, linked to wifi fine (just hold power button for search mode)

    Love it!

    This is the first time I'm using a diffuser. I suffer from insomnia and migraines so I figured I'd give it a try. I wanted one that wasn't too big and colorful looking- this one is absolutely perfect. It blends right into my room perfectly! I was a bit confused at first on how to set it up with my phone- my advice is to download the app first (Smart Life) and follow the instructions from there. The app allows you to control the diffuser straight from your bed!! You can power on and off, change the color settings, choose the strength, set timers. I couldn't ask for more and it's a perfect price!

    Louis M Bizzari
    Control thru Alexa and aroma.

    I bought this oil diffuer to work with Alexa, but all she can do is turn it on/off. But it is a great oil diffuser. Many nice features and large enough to last for hours. When Alex can do more I would give it seven stars.

    Stylish and quiet

    I had a little trouble setting it up but once I got it, it works great! Very quite and the low setting lasts for hours. I already had the Smart Life app so that’s what I use instead of the other app they recommended. I also synced it with Alexa AMA that works great too! My mom now wants one.

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