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Essential Oil Diffuser - 1000ml - White Wood

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    • All-In-One Design: This diffuser with a 4.0 Bluetooth speaker and remote device can be used as a humidifier, purifier, aromatherapy diffuser, music player, and as a night light. 
    • 1000ml Capacity & Silent Operation: The large capacity diffuser can be used as a humidifier and mist. The sound is lower than 30 decibels, and it has up to 10-hours of working time. It refreshes and moisturizes the air for rooms of 25 - 60 m2. The diffuser is BPA-free and safe for children, pets, and those that are pregnant. Use it to prevent dry air, dust, particles, and allergens to improve the quality of life.
    • 7 Colors Mood LED Lights: The LED mood lights can be set to 7-different gentle and soothing colors. Press the LIGHT button to adjust the lighting color you prefer (steady on/changing color). 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Awesome diffuser

    Loved this Diffuser!!! Great price and loved that it has Bluetooth.

    Great Bluetooth/Diffuser!!!!!

    Love the ease of setting this up. Was easy to pair and connect Bluetooth speaker. Great sounding speaker using music apps and audio books. The oils used per instructions release a pleasant scent. Diffiser light effects are very soothing and relaxing. Would buy it again, hope I don't have to.

    Elizabeth B.
    Not only is it a beautiful diffuser, it's also a Bluetooth speaker!!

    This is one of my favorite diffusers that I own!! I actually was rather shocked by the size of this. I was expecting it to be half the size it turned out to be.I adore the look of this diffuser, the shape of it is interesting and the plastic white wood finish is gorgeous. It is very easy to use. Just take the top part of it off to expose a plastic water reservoir, fill it to the line then put it back together. There is a remote control as well as the 5 on board buttons you can use to control it. The entire process is very easy and pretty self explanatory. You have a button with a water drop on it to control the mist. You have a button with a sun on it to control the lights. You can either have the light colors change automatically, or use the light button to set to one specific color. There are two timer buttons, one for 6 and one for 9 hours and of course you have the power button to turn it on and off.The included remote, which I will not be using has additional options such as the ability to set the mist to intermittent spray and to control how much mist comes out be it a small stream or a larger stream. There are also light and timer buttons as well as a continuous spray button.Now what really makes this diffuser stand out is the fact that it's a Bluetooth speaker too!! And guess what?? You don't even have to use the diffuser part or the lights to use this independently as a Bluetooth speaker. As son as you plug it in you will hear 3 notes chime. I then grabbed my cellphone, pled down the drip menu, tapped "bluetooth" and then scrolled through til I saw "Bluetooth speaker". After that a message appeared on my phone screen asking me if I wanted to connect. I said yes and heard the 3 notes and just like that I was playing music through the diffuser speaker. Is it the best speaker? No not really but it does work and it is a fantastic option to have available. I mean this diffuser Bluetooth speaker is awesome!!I really can not get over how beautiful and rather large this diffuser is, and it puts out a lot of mist too!! The quality and design and performance absolutely makes this a diffuser/speaker worth having in your home and I can not recommend it enough!!

    Jes Lewis
    Great Purchase!

    I love it! It’s not too big and not too small for my nightstand. Its very chic, almost marble looking. It’s pretty quiet compared to other humidifiers I’ve had, but obviously it’s not going to be silent. I like that it has a remote, and I can change the light settings as well as change the level of humidity from constant to intermittent- which is nice so I’m not overpowered by essential oils.Great quality for the price. I was actually surprised in a good way. I haven’t tried using the speaker yet, but I don’t really use stereos anyway.

    Beautiful and full of features

    I am very pleased with the look of this diffuser. It fits into many different decors and works great to feel the space with essential oils. I love that I don't have to sacrifice style for function. I really like that this diffuser can play music as well as provide some calming colored lights5-star rating for the overall look and feel and functionality.Thanks for taking the time to read my review. I hope it was helpful to you in making your purchase decision. Take care and happy shopping.

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